Cynthia A Bukowski  
About Cynthia
Chemical Engineering student Class of 2017
WPI AIChE President

Christine N Schondek - President 
About Christine
I have been involved in AIChE since my first year here, and prior to my current position I was the Social Chair of our chapter. I enjoy being involved in AIChE because there are not only great academic resources and networking opportunities but it is also a fun way meet fellow chemical engineers! I am on the women's lacrosse team, a member of the Ski and Board club, work in a lab in Gateway Park, and am an active volunteer at the Greater Boston Food Bank. I enjoy playing other sports such as softball, basketball, soccer and golf, and am an avid New England sports fan! I love meeting new people so if you see me on campus please stop and say hello!

Marissa A Leone - Class of 2019 - Representative 
About Marissa
Marissa Leone
Worcester Polytechnic Institute - Class of 2019
B.S. in Chemical Engineering
Minor in Biochemistry
Alpha Phi International Fraternity - Director of Sisterhood
American Institute of Chemical Engineers - Secretary
Council of Professional Societies - Secretary
Society of Women Engineers
Rockets Dance Team

Annika S Isaac - Membership Development Chair 
About Annika
Annika Isaac
Worcester Polytechnic Institute - Class of 2018
B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Minor in Business
American Institute of Chemical Engineers - Membership Development Chair
Christian Bible Fellowship - FNF Planning Team, Outreach Team
Alpha Phi Omega, Volunteer Service Fraternity
Technichords, WPI's no fella a capella
Alden Voices, WPI's Women's Choir

Estefania Trinidad - Membership Development Chair 
About Estefania
My name is Estefania Trinidad and I’m from San Juan, Puerto Rico. I joined AIChE because of the great support network and the opportunities to grow as a chemical engineering student and future professional. I became an officer because I wanted to give back to this organization. Outside of AIChE, I am involved with the Engineering Ambassadors Program and Alpha Phi International Fraternity.

Colby A Whitcomb - Treasurer 
About Colby
Colby Whitcomb
Worcester Polytechnic Institute- Class of 2018
B.S. in Chemical Engineering
MInor in Material Science, International Affairs
American Institute of Chemical Engineers-
Fundraising Chair
Resident Hall Council-
Interim VIce President of Outreach
Class Board 2018- Fundraising Chair

Patrick M Bresnahan - Class of 2018 - Representative 
About Patrick
Class of 2018
Chemical Engineering and Chemistry double major

I have been a member of AIChE since my freshman year, and this is my second year as a representative of the Class of 2018. Being part of this organization has given me many opportunities to grow as a student and a professional in the chemical engineering community. I truly love working with my peers to make AIChE at WPI one of the top professional organizations on campus. I am also leading the Marketing committee to prepare for the Student Regional Conference in 2017 and will also be traveling to London for my IQP during that time.

I am a huge music lover, concert and festival goer, and avid reader. In addition to being a representative for AIChE, I am also a lab TA for the chemistry department which I enjoy immensely.

Amy E Toscano - Class of 2018 - Representative 
About Amy
Hi! I'm Amy Toscano and I am the Junior Class Representative for the WPI chapter of AIChE. I absolutely love chemical engineering and AIChE but I am heavily involved in other aspects of campus. I am the Editor in Chief of the WPI Odyssey team, PR Officer for Kilroy Sketch Comedy, Vice President of Active Minds and Vice President of the Coin and Currency Club! In my free time, I love to read and binge Netflix!

Deanna L Poirier - Vice President 
About Deanna
This year I am one of the Sophomore Class Reps for AIChE. I think that this organization is a great way to learn more about Chemical Engineering, as well as being very helpful with networking, scheduling classes, and career planning. I chose to become an officer because I want to become more involved with the planning of the organizations events, while helping it to continue to grow. I also look forward to helping the incoming Freshmen become as involved as possible with the group. In addition to being a part of AIChE, I am the Secretary of Women's Club Volleyball, and a member of the Chi Omega Fraternity on campus.

Kathleen M Sheehy - Class of 2019 - Representative 
About Kathleen
Chemical engineering sophomore! Sister of Chi Omega Women's Fraternity, and Sophomore Class Representative on the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. Also the chair of the Workshop and Networking Committee, in preparation for hosting the Northeastern Regional Conference for AIChE. :)

Celeste B Marsan  
About Celeste
Jeremy R Spittle - Class of 2020 - Representative 
About Jeremy
Michelle A Foote - Class of 2020 - Representative 
About Michelle
Hi everyone! My name is (Michelle) Amber Foote and I’m a freshman studying chemical engineering at WPI. I’m a Class of 2020 Representative and Workshop Committee Co-Chair for American Institute of Chemical Engineers. I absolutely love all of the opportunities for networking and personal development that being a part of AIChE has provided me with! I’m also heavily involved in other aspects of campus, serving as the Features Editor for our newspaper, The Towers, and Social Chair for Rockets Dance Team. I am Director of Chapter Facilities for the Iota Omicron chapter of Alpha Phi as well.

Lenna M Quackenbush - Class of 2018 - Representative 
About Lenna
Class of 2018
Major: Chemical Engineering Minor: Sustainable Engineering

I am the AIChE delegate for the Council of Professional Societies (CoPS) and am also leading the ChemE Car Competition Committee for the AIChE Regional Conference. My interests in Chemical Engineering are in energy, water and sustainability. I am involved with Engineers without Borders, Alpha Xi Delta Women's Fraternity and the Women's Ultimate Frisbee team.



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