This page contains all of the information necessary for eligibles that wish to join Alpha Eta Mu Beta. The initiation process occurs once a year with initiation ceremonies in B term.



Who's Eligible?:

Alpha Eta Mu Beta inducts students in the Biomedical Engineering program that are either in the top 1/5 (for juniors) or top 1/3 (for seniors) of their BME graduating class. BME graduate students and faculty advisors can also be eligible for AEMB induction and membership. All candidates for membership must have completed at least six semester credit hours (or the equivalent) in Biomedical Engineering.

How do you find out if you are eligible?:

No later than the end of the fourth week of A-term, the Faculty advisor is given a list of scholastically eligible candidates base on their rank. By the beginning of B term, letters are sent out to those who are eligible, inviting them for an informative, non-mandatory meeting that addresses the purpose and activities of Alpha Eta Mu Beta. Letters will be distributed to student mailboxes, no later than the end of the fifth week of A-term. The informative meeting will be held on the sixth week of A-term, with meeting minutes emailed out to the eligible candidates.


Required Forms to apply for membership:

The following are the requirements to apply for membership:

  • Membership Acceptance Form
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Judicial Records Consent Form
  • Faculty Recommendation Form
  • Resume

All forms must be returned to the Alpha Eta Mu Beta mailbox, located in the Student Activities Office, during the first week of B term.



In the middle of B term, eligibiles will be notified of acceptance. Once accepted, there is a one-time due of $60.



Contact the officers at aembo@wpi.edu

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