Hall Councils

A fundamental part of RHC is our Hall Councils! Hall Councils are there to serve those living in the residence halls on campus by reporting advocacy issues, planning events to benefit their hall, and creating a sense of community and hall pride where they live. Each Hall Council is made up of a three-person executive council as well as a number of hall representatives.

Hall Council members work closely to plan fun events and socials. To assist with the Hall Council needs and concerns, each Hall Council is assigned a Hall Buddy, who is a member of the RHC Executive Council. Each Hall Council is also expected to maintain communication with their hall’s respective Complex Coordinator. Hall Councils also help improve the experience of those living in their Res. Hall, as well as their own. Every Hall Council has the potential to make a difference in their Res. Hall as well as the campus community!

Hall Council Positions

The Director of a Hall Council is responsible for running all Hall Council meetings, as well as organizing said meetings and events put on by the Hall Council. They are only to vote on matters in their Hall Council in the case of a tie. The Director is also to attend General Body meetings as a voting member, and fill out the Program Evaluation form after an event is put on by their Hall Council.

The Events Coordinator is responsible for helping to organize events within their hall, which includes filling out the Program Proposal form that has to be submitted before any programs take place. They assume the role of Director in the event that the Director is unable to fulfill their duties, fill out the Program Evaluation form after an event is put on by their Hall Council, and attend General Body meetings as a voting member. The Events Coordinator is also a voting member of their Hall Council.

The Secretary is a voting member of the Hall Council and is responsible for keeping and reporting minutes at Hall Council meetings to the executive Vice President of Administration and other members of the Hall Council. They fill out the Program Evaluation form after an event is put on by their Hall Council. This position is also responsible for taking and reporting attendance to the Vice President of Membership, attending General Body meetings as a voting member, and reporting advocacy issues to the President at General Body.

The Hall Council Representative(s) are responsible for being an active member of RHC, attend Hall Council meetings and work on hall programs, bring to the attention of the Hall Council the needs and desires of the residents they represent, and collect and report hall advocacy issues to the Hall Council’s Secretary. Hall Council Representative(s) are also responsible for attending General Body meetings as a voting member, as well as, being voting members of the Hall Council.

RHC holds annual Hall Council Elections (for all halls) at the beginning of every academic year. There is a retreat following the election, which is a great opportunity to get to know the members of your Hall Council and other Hall Councils. General Body Members do not need to apply, however, it is suggested that you submit an application or email to express your interest in being a part of the Hall Council.


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