To become a member of Residence Hall Council, candidates must be full or part-time students at WPI. Of these students, those who are in good academic standing, as determined by the Institute regulations, may hold elected or appointed offices.

General Body Meetings will be held once a week on Mondays at 5 PM in a TBD classroom. The day, time, and location of every individual General Body Meeting is subject to change. The voting members of the General Body will consist of the elected members of the Executive Council and the Director, Events Coordinator, Secretary, and Hall Council Representatives from each HC. All members of the Hall Councils are invited to attend General Body Meetings; two of the three elected members from every Hall Council must attend. If two of the elected members cannot attend a General Body meeting, they must appoint a member of their Hall Council to serve in their absence.

2017-2018 Hall Council Election Timeline:

August 28: Introductions and Nominations/Application Opens

September 16: Nominations/Application Closes at Midnight

September 17: Election Form sent out

September 23: Voting closes

September 24: Results of the elections are announced

September 30-October 1: Retreat!!

For more information on Membership, visit our Contact Us page to email our Vice President of Membership.

Helpful Links:

  • Add or remove yourself from our email list HERE
  • Apply for a Hall Council Position HERE
  • Apply to be an Executive Council Chair HERE
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