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SocComm History

   The history of SocComm is a long and mysterious one, mainly because no one ever seems to write it down. The organization has been around since 1968, but exact details for many of the years between then and now can be hard to find. This page serves serves as a collection of the information we have on the past years of SocComm, from old Quadfests to committees that have been created and disbanded.

Annual Events of Years Past

Quadfest Archives

Winter Carnival Archives

1996 Newspeak Article on the Winter Carnival

The 90's

Thanks to the internet, the 90's are actually a decently preserved chunk of SocComm history - the WayBack Machine has stored several of our old homepages over the years, and provides an excellent glimpse in to the zany place that was the internet in its youth.

TIP: For those of you willing to get adventurous, follow some of the links on that page beyond SocComm. You'll quickly find yourself in a network of old WPI personal and organization pages, which are well worth a look.

Additionally, SocComm has been featured in the Towers (previously Newspeak) several times over the years:

What is SocComm? - 1996

The Foundation

     The truly ancient history of SocComm is a lot trickier to dig up than that of the 90s, but it is out there, primarily hidden in the archives of our student newspapers.

  The organization began as a committee within the Tech Senate (what is now SGA), and was founded with the reorganization of the Tech Senate in late 1967. In early 1967, the Tech Senate was increasingly unhappy with the amount of power given to them by the administration, and actually voted to dissolve themselves:

Tech News - January 1967 (see upper right headline)

    After this dramatic move many changes occurred, and the Senate came back together over the course of the next year to reorganize and build a new constitution. By March, meetings were being held to begin designing a new constitution. It's at this time that Wallace Fini (presumably a member of the Tech Council) proposed a new plan, in which the student government would consist of five committees, each with a different focus. One of his proposed committees would be the "Social and Cultural Committee." 

Tech News - March 1967

By May this plan had been formalized, and a proper description of the new committee was published:

Tech News - May 1967 (see page four)

And by September, the new constitution had been drafted, alongside a radical new idea - a social tax on all WPI students. Those of you who dare look at your bill every semester may recognize this - the social fee still exists today, and provides funding for SocComm, as well as many other organizations on campus. It's a lot more than $20 now though.

Tech News - September 1967

Finally, in October 1967, the new constitution and tax were passed, and SocComm was born. 

Tech News - October 1967