What does SocComm stand for?
SocComm (pronounced sock-com) stands for the Social Committee at WPI. This is an organization that does a large part of the programming of events on campus.

What kind of events do you sponsor?
SocComm sponsors a large range of events. LPC sponsors concerts, coffee house shows, and comedians. Annual Events sponsors events that happen every year such as Quadfest, Winter Carnival, Parents Weekend, Academic Advising Eve, and the New Student Orientation Welcome Party. Films puts on movies each weekend as well as some fun events such as Movie on the Quad or Throwback Tuesdays. Special Events does a random mix of events with random holidays such as bubble appreciation day to fun trips off campus such as a ski trip. Special Events is also in charge of Tie-Dye on the Quad which happens during Parent's Weekend.

What is your motto?
Majoring in fun since 1968.

Who is Al?
Al is our mascot. He can be seen on most of our posters and t-shirts as the pointy haired man with fluffy eyebrows. He is a caricature of Albert Einstein.

Why should I join SocComm?
Joining SocComm allows you to have a say in what events are brought to campus and lets you help organize them. Depending on your interests you can join one or several committees and help plan fun events such as Winter Carnival and Quadfest, trips such as to the Red Sox or Wachusett Mountain, or films for the coming term. We have a lot of fun running events, meeting performers, and brainstorming at meetings. There are also opportunities for leadership positions, with 16 people as execs for the club as a whole. Also, being in SocComm is great because you get to get to know and work with a lot of really great people!

How can I join
If you are interested in joining, then you can email big3@wpi.edu and they can put you on the mailing list and send you information on upcoming meetings.

So you're just one club, or 4 clubs?
Don't worry, we're just one club. It does seem very intimidating though. The reason we divide the programming into the 4 respective committees is to insure that those that want to join us (it could be you!) are actually interested in what you're doing, and aren't forced to be interested in everything we do. Fun comes first! The five committees do work independently on their assigned projects, but we come together and support each other to create a single cohesive unit.

Do you have club dues?
Nope! This is a Class III organization, which means that we work with the social fee paid to the Student Activities Office as part of your tuition to go to WPI. All you have to do to join is want to be there!

Can I be in more than one committee?
Absolutely! It’s great if you are in more than one committee! This can extremely beneficial if you are in two committees that often work together. For example Annual Events and Special Events often work together for Winter Carnival and Quadfest so that the event Special Events puts on works with Annual Events' chosen theme. 

Are meetings required? What if I have a time conflict? 

If you have a time conflict then it isn’t a big deal if you miss meetings. It would be really great to have you help out at the events and still stay involved! Another thing you could do is try out another committee, since they are at different times.

What if I have more questions?
No problem. Just email big3@wpi.edu and we'll be happy to answer.