Membership & Marketing Committee (MMC)

Committee Meeting
Wednesdays 5-6 PM
GH 002

Office Hours
Mondays 4-5 PM
Thursdays 4-5 PM
SocComm Office, Campus Center


About MMC

The Membership & Marketing Committee is in charge of SocComm's advertising, publicity, and general member events, such as SocComm^2 events and formal. MMC also organizes two recruitment events, in A & C term to get people interested in SocComm, and runs general member meetings to get the members of SocComm together as a group.



Lindsey Andrews Chris Madden Mei Lee Amend
"There are big ships and small ships but the best ship of all is friendship" "I'm really feeling " "I don't have a catchphrase!"

Fitchburg, MA aka the "dirt burg"

Boston, MA Osterville, MA

Class:   2017

2017 2015
Mechanical Engineering BME
Hobbies:   reading and hanging out with friends
Smash bros, Marvel, replicating prop building Watercolor, movies, crocheting and netflix 
Spirit Animal:
Capybara Hedgehog