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Friday, March 21st


Plant Tours:


Time: 5:00 PM - (Limited spaces: 40)

Karl Storz

Time: 3:00 PM - (Limited spaces: 30)

** Transportation will be provided for both tours from and to WPI.


Saturday, March 22nd 


Welcome Session

Time: 9:00 am 


Mike Lalle - IIE, Northeast Region VP              "Rules of IE - Plagiarized!"


Speaker Series # 1 

Time: 9:45 AM

Option 1: UTC

"Taking the Lean Leap"

Option 2: Karl Storz

"Employee Engagement - The Path to Improvement"

Option 3: UPS

"The Evolving Role of the Industrial Engineer"


Speaker Series # 2:

Time: 1:15 PM

Option 1: Dr. Cohn

"From Surgery to Satellites: How Randomness Impacts Us in all Aspects of Life, and How Optimization Tools Can Help Us Cope"

Option 2: UMass Memorial (Nicholas Comeau & Lauren Russell)

"Key Skills for Today's Healthcare IE"

Option 3: Alumni Panel

Joins us for a Q&A Session with recent WPI graduates. Ask them about their job experience, professional development, and more!


Speaker Series # 3

Time: 4:00 PM

Option 1: Staples

"Improving efficiency in merchandise distribution flow"

Option 2: GE Aviation

"Today's Industrial Engineer in Aerospace"

Option 3: FedEx

"Utilizing Ingenuity and Engineering Methods to Improve Productivity and Quality"


Professional Development Workshops

Time: 10:45 AM & 2:15 PM

Kevin Drevik

 Join representatives from the South-Jersey Delaware Valley Professional chapter of IIE for two Professional Development Workshops:

  1. Networking, resume writing and your job search: What steps should you take in order to identify the right organization and get noticed!
  2.  Getting the interview and getting the job: Techniques for getting past the screener, getting the interview and getting the job

When participating on these workshops you will be eligible for one of three $250 scholarships that will be given to the students with the most outstanding resumes and interview skills.

This scholarship is in the name of Bob Siebeneicher, a key member of the Career Quest outreach program, in which the South-Jersey Delaware Valley Professional chapter helped local IIE students with their resumes, interview skills and career planning.

To participate you must attend both workshops and email your resume to at least three weeks before the conference.


Education by Entertainment

Time: 10:45 AM

Dr. Ronald Shapiro

Join us for an hour of education, entertainment and fun in the Games to Explain Human Factors: Come, Participate, Learn and Have Fun!!! program.  You will learn how people process information and will think about how to optimize design of products and systems for human strengths and compensate for weaknesses.  You will learn about: sensation, perception, interpretation, assumptions, thinking, learning, reinforcement, feedback, memory, interfering, responding, measuring, medical error, user error, pilot error and product usability.  By applying what you know about people the products and systems you design will be safer, easier and more fun to use.

You will also learn about Human Factors as a profession.  It is a specialization of Engineering and a branch of Applied Psychology in which systems such as computers, medical devices, and airplanes are designed, built, and assessed based upon how safe and easy it is for people to use them. The job market for HF professionals appears very bright long term.

The content will be easy to remember and easy to apply.  The program will be fun.  You will be a better teacher and learner.  Participating may benefit you at school, at home and on the job.  You may even win a prize!!!

For more information check this poster!


Campus Tours

Time: 10:45 AM & 2:15 PM


Time Wise Lab: Lean Simulation Game

Time: 2:15 PM

In the TimeWise Simulation Game you will working as a group to run TimeWise, which assembles two products – a blue clock and a black clock.  You will discuss and implement ideas on how to improve the production process using Lean techniques!


Paper Competition Presentations

Sponsored by Arcadia Healthcare Solutions

Time: 5:00 PM

For more information on paper competition submissions go to PaperCompetition!


Dinner Banquet

Time: 7:00 PM

Welcome Speaker: Joe Sarkis, Head of Department of Management, WPI

Key Note Speaker: George Oliver, CEO of Tyco International


Saturday, March 22nd 



Time: 9:30 AM

Join us to give us feedback on the outcomes of the 2014 Conference and talk about hosting opportunities for the 2016 Conference! 



Registration for the 2014 IIE Regional Conference is now open! Registration deadline is February 20! YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS IT!

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