Executive Board



  Name: Marina Chevis

  Major: Industrial Engineering

  Email: m.chevis@wpi.edu

  Fun Fact: I have been to 11 countries!


Vice - President

  Name: Kelsey Rieger

  Major: Industrial Engineering

  Email: kelsey.rieger@wpi.edu

  Fun Fact: I like to snowboard.



  Name: Luis Rovayo

  Major: Industrial Engineering

  Email: ljperniarovayo@wpi.edu

  Fun Fact: Studied abroad in Venice, Italy



  Name: Julia Alvidrez

  Major: Management Engineering

  Email: alvidrez.julia@wpi.edu

  Fun Fact: I am a twin!


Program Director

  Name: Kimberly Chan

  Major: Management Engineering - Operations Mgmt

  Email: kchan@wpi.edu

  Fun Fact: I want to be a dog breeder when I retire!


Business Outreach

  Name: Jose Luis Ortiz

  Major: Industrial Engineering

  Email: jl.ortiz@wpi.edu

  Fun Fact: Favorite sports are tennis and soccer. Tennis to play     and soccer to watch.


Membership Director

  Name: Lili Zhang

  Major: Industrial Engineering & Mathematical Science

  Email: lzhang@wpi.edu

  Fun Fact: I am very excited to travel to four countries in the         upcoming Christmas break, and then settle in Hong Kong for       doing my IQP with my colleagues.


Professional Development

  Name: Jiahui Li (Lisha)

  Major: Industrial Engineering & Mathematics

  Email: jli@wpi.edu

  Fun Fact: My hobbies are sports and chess. I like to relax by       traveling and having different kinds of local food. 


Regional Conference Chair

  Name: Veronica Vallenilla

  Major: Industrial Engineering

  Email: vvallenilla@wpi.edu

  Fun Fact: I went to 7 countries this past summer.



Registration for the 2014 IIE Regional Conference is now open! Registration deadline is February 20! YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS IT!

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