IIE Undergraduate Student Technical Paper Competition 

The purpose of the competition is to encourage undergraduate students to write and present outstanding technical papers.




  • Students must be an undergraduate student when the nominated paper is written.
  • Papers can be projects done for a company as part of a course, or they may be undergraduate research projects done at the home institution.
  • A faculty member may serve as an advisor on a project, but the work should primarily be done  by the students.
  • A faculty member cannot be a co-author of the paper.
  • Only IIE members are eligible to participate.
  • Each participating university, including the host institution, may submit up to two papers as entries.

The paper should be written in a professional journal format, including page numbers and table of contents. Every principal author must make an oral presentation at the New England Regional Conference. The first place winner will be eligible to compete in the Undergraduate Technical Paper Competition Global Finals at the IIE Annual Conference & Expo in May 2014 in Montreal, QC, Canada.

The written document must be submitted in English for judging purposes.

Paper and Page Layout

  • 8½-inch x 11-inch paper
  • The paper should not exceed 20 pages including appendices.
  • Font should be Times New Roman, point size 11.
  • Margins of 1 inch (2.5 cm) all around.
  • Single spacing
  • Full text justification
  • The following information should be placed at the top of the first page:
    • Paper title: 16 point Times New Roman bold and centered
    • Author(s) listing: 12 point Times New Roman bold, centered and include names, university, city, state, zip code and country.
  • Text should be organized into sections and subsections, with an introduction and a conclusions section being advisable. A single line should separate paragraphs; no indentation should be used. Font guidelines are as follows:
    • Section headings: numbered, 12 point, bold, upper and lower case, left-justified and leave one blank line above only
    • Section sub-headings: numbered, 11 point, bold, upper and lower case, left-justified and leave one blank line above only.
    • Regular text: 11 point Times New Roman, full justified and a single line between paragraphs.
  • Sub-bullets must be indented.
  • Figures, tables and their captions
  • Tables and figures when included in the main text need to be as close to the point of their introduction as possible. It is noted that figure and table numbering should be independent. Captions guidelines are as follows:
    • Figure captions: 10 point Times New Roman, centered and place below the figure, leave one blank line above and below.
    • Table caption: 10 point Times New Roman, centered and place above the table, leave one blank line above only.
  • Equations should be centered and numbered, with the number in parentheses, positioned flush to the right margin. Preferably, they should be prepared with an equation writer.


  • Each student chapter can select up to two papers for the competition at its New England Regional Conference.
  • Multi-authored papers are permitted, provided the names of all authors are on the paper. If four or fewer chapters participate in the New England Regional Conference, a maximum of three papers may be accepted from each school. All schools, however, must be informed of the change.
  • The participating schools must submit three copies of each paper for presentation at the New England Region Conference. The papers must be submitted no later than February 21, 2014.  These should be addressed to Marina Chevis, president of the WPI IIE chapter and emailed, in PDF format, to iie-officers@wpi.edu.
  • The faculty advisor of WPI IIE will certify that the paper is an undergraduate work and that the student is a member of IIE. This should be stated on the first page of his or her letter to the president of WPI-IIE.
  • The participants in the international competition will be the first place winners of each of the New England Regional Conferences. This competition will include an oral presentation by the finalists in front of their peers and professional IEs at the IIE Annual Conference & Expo.
  • Only the first place winner (one paper) will represent the New England region in the competition at the IIE Annual Conference & Expo. In the event that the first place winner is unable to present at the finals, the second place winner will represent the region at the finals.


Judging is based on 75 percent written presentation and 25 percent oral presentation. Each presenter must be allowed an equal amount of time, not to exceed 15 minutes plus three minutes for a question and answer period. Questions can come only from students and judges outside the presenter’s chapter. The Host Committee is responsible for establishing the actual minutes allowed, which should be a function of the number of entries received.


Registration for the 2014 IIE Regional Conference is now open! Registration deadline is February 20! YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS IT!

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